The Hartford Chapter of Say Yes to Education began in October 1990, when 76 fifth grade students from the Annie Fisher Elementary School visited the University of Hartford and received the same promise of assistance that George Weiss had made to the Belmont students three years earlier in Philadelphia. George Weiss, along with local sponsors Mort and Irma Handel, and John Berman and his late wife Beverly, pledged to pay post-secondary school tuition for every student in the class. The University of Hartford gift was linked with what is now called the Hartford Scholars Program, which provides half tuition at the University of Hartford for Hartford public school graduates.

Over the course of 15 years, the Hartford Chapter developed and implemented a number of successful support programs, including help for students and families to navigate the school system, including working with families, mentors, and school staff to keep students on track; monitoring of students' academic and personal progress and interventions when necessary; direction of an education services during the annual University of Hartford summer program; mentoring;recreational, social, and educational trips; assistance with the college admission process; after-school tutoring, extended day/year programming, individual student support services, and recognition of student achievement through events such as the Champions for Children awards banquet. Now, many alumni from this chapter have returned to Hartford and are giving back to the community. 


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